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Developing a pure and unbridled love for the instrument at a veritable age of five and the desire to entertain and lift people’s spirits in the poor and hopeless environment of Lagos, Nigeria where he grew up, Dokun Oke cultivated an unyielding desire to master his craft. It was unimaginable to think that this self-taught musician would become a major force in Nigerian Music Scene considering that he had little access to a guitar early on. It wasn’t until the popular bands at the time began to notice him that he was encouraged to learn some theory and techniques from two great Nigerian musicians, Akin Ogunsunmi and Sunday Babalola.

Dokun is a versatile guitar player with a unique style. With this revelation and exposure, all major artists in Nigeria started calling him for gigs. 

In 2001, Dokun was invited to audition for Femi Kuti’s Band and was picked as the Number one Guitar player for the Band. He went on to perform locally and internationally with the band during which he recorded one album (Fight to Win) and a DVD (Live In African Shrine) with Femi Kuti.

Dokun is a master of different styles of music such as Jazz, Fusion, Rock, R&B, Funk, Reggae and many contemporary styles of African music. His versatility earned him a scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music in 2012. After moving to the USA, a music company called Guitar Control was so impressed after seeing him perform that they collaborated with him and completed a project that created an instructional DVD on his unique style of guitar.

Dokun is the first Nigerian to Graduate from Berklee College of Music’s Guitar Department. He is currently endorsed by Godin’s Guitar.

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